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Help! I need more help getting logged in.

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2013 04:33PM EST
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For trouble with logging in, see below...

If you've tried logging into the new Kiwanis Connect shared login screen to access a new Portalbuzz Club Management System tool and had trouble, please scan the likely scenarios below and see if one of these solutions solve your login problem.

“I already have a login for KiwanisOne. Why isn’t it working?”

Kiwanis Connect is the new single sign-on (login) page for the new and improved version of the KiwanisOne Club Management System. Soon, this new login page will be your one-stop login for all club management and online reporting tools, such as the Club Bylaws, Membership Update Center, and more.

Because this is an entirely new system, your existing login credentials won’t be recognized. Exception: If you’ve already used the new Membership Update Center, you have already created your new login. Use that here. Otherwise, register your email address and password for this new system by clicking the “Register/Reset Password” link on the login page. For a short while this year, you will be logging into both the old and new systems separately. Your password for the Kiwanis Connect single sign-on can be exactly the same as your existing KiwanisOne password if you wish, or it can be completely different. The only thing that must be the same is your email address.

“Why do I keep getting this error message?”

The answer to the first question (above) may very well resolve this issue for you. If it doesn’t, it is possible that your password is incorrect, or that the email address you are entering is not yet registered in the Kiwanis International database. This can happen if your email address was never added when you first became a member or if the email address you are trying to log in with is different from the one we have on file in the database. If your club secretary is not able to update your email address online, simply send an email to stating your name, club name, and new email address you’d like to use.

“My spouse and I share an email address. How can we both log in?”

The system, like most other websites that require a login these days, can only associate one person with an email address. One of you will need to set up a new email address. We highly recommend a Gmail address from Google. It’s free, safe, and easy to set up. Click here to set up a new Gmail account.

“I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes and I still haven’t received the email to reset my password.”

Make sure you check your spam and/or junk mail folders for the email. If after checking those folders you still don’t find the password reset email, send an email to stating your name, club name, email address, and a brief statement about your issue(s).

“The remember me checkbox isn’t working. I still have to type my password when I log in.”

The remember me checkbox tells your browser to keep you logged in, even if you navigate to another website. It does NOT tell your browser to remember your password. That is a different feature and would be set up in your browser’s settings/options.

“Why do I have to log in every time if I have the remember me box checked?”

If you click the “Sign Out” link after you are logged in, you will have to log in the next time you come to the page. The remember me box can only keep you logged in if you close the browser or navigate to another website without clicking the Sign Out link.

“None of these scenarios apply to my question or concern.”

If none of these issues apply to you and you still need  some assistance, please send an email to stating your name, club name, email address, and any other questions/comments you may have. Someone from the Member Services department will contact you as quickly as possible.

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