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To Subscribe or Not Subscribe: Why the Club Management System is a better value than another method for Kiwanis clubs

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2012 03:31PM EST
You're ready to sign up and make your life easier with online club admin tools. But wait ... it's a group decision? No problem! We asked other subscribers how they convinced their club president, club treasurer or board that the yearly subscription was a great value to the entire club. Here's what they had to say:

  1. Empowers individuals with any level of technical skill to update the club’s sites (private portal and public       website).
  2. A professional-looking, Kiwanis-branded public website is part of the package—no extra cost.
  3. System is integrated with KiwanisOne and the duties of Officers and Committee Chairs, plus club data stays       intact from year-to-year, easing transition of officers
  4. Serves the club officers and individual members equally—something for everyone!
  5. Keeps the lines of communication open with various options, such as website, newsletter, email, meeting       minutes.
  6. Easy to store articles, pictures, board minutes, bylaws, financial reports, etc. that are part of the club      activities (archive). Essentially, historical records for the club are created as you go along, without thinking       about it. That enables you to look back at what you've done as a club and be proud of your work.
  7. Reliable support.
  8. Cost vs. time savings = great value.
  9. Professional look gives you respect and credibility in the community; boosts your first impression value.
  10. Simple meeting and event management (schedule, speakers, assignments, sign-ups, reminders, volunteer       sign-ups).
  11. Automatic export of meeting and event information (and other content) into the public website using an       easy page control function that is built into the system.
  12. The system is constantly improving and users are not charged for ongoing updates, but they do have a say       in what gets prioritized.
  13. Because it's all online, you can lay your hands on all types of club information anytime you want it and       more than one person can have access, providing a great backup system for vacations, absences, etc.
  14. Comfort knowing Kiwanis International values the partnership and recommends the system.
  15. HUGE club secretary benefits, including:
    • Integration with required online reporting, making EOY report requirements easier and more accurate
    • No need to maintain multiple contact lists; club roster management is a breeze and eliminates duplication     of work
    • Access to Kiwanis International database of members
    • Easy to produce a member directory
    • Email distribution flexibility is a time-saver (ex: committee email groups)
    • Simple calendar and newsletter prep
    • Reporting and content updating can be delegated so the club secretary doesn't have to do it all

Thank you to the following contributing users: Bill S. in Alaska; John G. in Iowa; Pat H. in Kansas; Rhonda C. in California; Amy U. in Michigan; Debbie J. in California; Marilyn P. in Oregon; John D. in Michigan; Carol S. in Iowa; Wes D. in Georgia; Bob M. in Oregon; Lanelle R. in California; Steve W. in Florida; Kevin T. in Iowa; Carol B. in Michigan; Cary L. in New York; Sue G. in California; Larry B. in Virginia; Jan B. in Iowa; Anonymous in Portland, OR.

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