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Club Bylaws Overview

Last Updated: Apr 14, 2014 03:20PM EDT
Bylaws are each club’s agreement with Kiwanis International about basic standards required in order to belong to the organization. By adhering to the standards set in the bylaws, clubs are allowed to use the Kiwanis names and logos.

Bylaws simplify club rules and allow more flexibility in club operations. 

In addition to adopting bylaws, each club must also form and adhere to its own policies.
Policies are aspects of club operations that may be personalized by each club. Bylaws and policies complement each other, working together as a whole.

Kiwanis International advises individual clubs to put policies in place that address their particular needs, such as the desire to require certain standing committees, to require specific duties for some officers, to state the amount of club dues in writing. Kiwanis bylaws and policies help clubs clearly capture their individual operations. 

Mandatory Policies
Some policies are mandatory for Kiwanis clubs. Mandatory policies carry out basic provisions of the club bylaws: 

• Club dues and fees amounts 
• Criteria for members to be in good standing 
• How often the club meets, and when (at least once a month)
• Certain information related to officers and directors 
• Details of the club election process 
• Annual financial review 
A club must adopt the mandatory policies and submit them along with their 

bylaws. Clubs should also consider the topics covered by the optional policies, 
but those are truly optional. 

Optional Policies
Optional policies cover things clubs should consider but are not required to adopt: 
• Standing committees (if any) 
• Non-officer club positions (if any) 
• Higher votes required for certain items of business (if any) 
• Special membership types (if any) 
• Additional duties for officers and directors (if any) 
• Other matters (if any)

Online Access and Submission

The online process allows not only easy submission but easy access afterward.
The club secretary has access to all the information and pages needed in order for a club to step through the process of forming and adopting its bylaws and policies. These also may be submitted to Kiwanis International online.

To access the bylaws pages online:

1. Log in to your Kiwanis account.

2. On the "Me" page, find and click the "Bylaws" icon on the left side of the page. 


3. This will bring you to the "Club Bylaws Management Center" page where you will be guided through 4 easy steps of forming and adopting club bylaws.

Start by looking at the top box and clicking on "Review Instructions and Standard Form."

Notice as you begin the process that the four boxes are blank. A check mark will appear in each box as you complete the step.

You will not be able to accomplish these steps out of sequence. Links are locked until the previous step has been completed.


4. Follow the 4 easy steps until all of them have been completed.

At any time, you may click on the links at the right side of the "Club Bylaws Management Page" to see the "Bylaws and Policies FAQ" document, a blank template of club bylaws, and a copy of your latest submitted bylaws edits awaiting approval from Kiwanis International.

The club bylaws may be accessed online by the club president and secretary.

Click to see "Download Club Bylaws"

Important Information
Please click and read more detailed information about club bylaws, and be sure to open and read the Frequently Asked Questions document linked on the page.


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