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Secretary Getting Started Guide

Last Updated: Apr 14, 2014 02:34PM EDT

Club Secretary is one of the most important jobs in your club.

This Guide is a general overview of secretary responsibilities and a description of the online Secretary Dashboard tools available to help you complete many of these tasks.

Duties of Club Secretary Include:

• Managing and maintaining club and membership records online

• Making club records available upon request

• Maintaining permanent club files

• Keeping minutes of club and board meetings

• Sharing all communications received from Kiwanis International or the district as appropriate

• Forwarding the Club Insurance Resource Guide to the safety coordinator

• Submitting all official reports required by Kiwanis International, the district and the club

• Ordering merchandise from the Kiwanis Family Store

• Ensuring that the club follows current Kiwanis brand standards in its internal communications
  and public awareness efforts

• Performing other duties as may be assigned by the president or board

• Fulfilling all other duties documented in the Standard Form for Club Bylaws

Begin by Registering Your Username
If you already have a login username, simply go to the login page and get started.
Otherwise, follow the steps below.

1. In your browser, go to
2. Click the Register/Reset Password link at the bottom of the page.
3. Type your email address and click the Submit button.
4. If your email address is already in the database, you’ll receive an email with instructions for setting up (or resetting) your password. If the email address you enter is not found, you will be prompted to send an email to member services to update your member profile with your new email address.
This login page is used to access all the features built into KiwanisOne, including training features for incoming officers and the Membership Update Center (Key Club, CKI and Aktion Club).
Home Page - You and Your Club

After you log in to KiwanisOne, you will see the Home page first.
Your name and the name of your club will be at the top of the page next to the Sign Out button.

Beneath that you’ll have the ability to update your own information with the Edit Profile link.
Along the left side of this page, you will find the icons which will take you to other parts of the website.
Getting to the Secretary Dashboard

Click on the Kiwanis Reporting icon or the Secretary Dashboard icon
 to go to
the Secretary Dashboard.


Secretary Dashboard

The Secretary Dashboard houses the most-used functions for managing your club.

Navigation tabs  will take you to the various areas of the reporting website. 

On Secretary Dashboard page you will see:

●   Club Elections
      View, add, delete club officer names and email addresses.
●   Club Information
      View club charter date, division, and District, public club website address.
●   Meeting Locations
      View, add, edit regular club meeting locations and times.
●   Sponsorships
      View organizations sponsored by your club.
●   Links and Downloads
     View, add, edit links and downloads for club members.
●  Support
     This is a direct link to contact KI Member Services or the District Office.

Member Management
Clicking on the “Member Admin” tab will bring you to the Member Management page.


Here you can:

●     Add, delete, and edit member information
●     Export member information to PDF or Excel spreadsheet
To add a new member, click the New Member button. Start by entering the new member’s first and last name, email address, and then selecting the type of membership (e.g., corporate, honorary, etc.). The system will guide you through the process step by step. Make sure to fill in required fields marked with an asterisk before submitting the new member’s information.  
Click to see:
Add New Members 
Update Member Information

Monthly Report
A club secretary is required to submit monthly reports about a Kiwanis club’s activities and successes.
Click the “Monthly Report” tab to navigate to the “Monthly Report Launch Page.”

• The monthly report consists of Part 1 and Part 2 for each month, starting in October for the beginning of Kiwanis International’s fiscal year.
• In the Part 1/Part 2 columns, a pencil icon appears for any report that has not been started. Click the pencil icon to edit the respective part of the monthly report. Once you have edited and saved your changes, the pencil icon will change to a check mark.
• The Submit button for the month you are working on will be disabled until you have edited and saved both Part 1 and Part 2. Once both parts have been edited, the Submit button will be clickable.
• When the Submit button is clicked, the report will be sent to the Kiwanis International Office.
• Click the icon in the Send Preview column to email a copy of the monthly report to anyone you choose.
• Once the report is submitted, a magnifying glass icon will appear in the View Report column.
This is the best indicator as to whether or not the report has been successfully submitted. If there is no magnifying glass icon, the report has not yet been submitted.
• Reports must be submitted sequentially. For example, you will not be able to edit Part 1 or Part 2 of the November report until the October report has been successfully submitted.

Monthly Report Tips
• The currency used for all of your monthly reports is set at the very top of Part 1 of the October report. Be sure to set the proper currency, and the system will use that currency for the rest of the reports submitted throughout the year.
Reports can be edited, saved and submitted as many times as needed. If you submit a report with an error or you simply need to make an adjustment, go back to the report and make your edits by clicking on the checkmark icon. When you’re ready, submit the report again.
• If you start Part 1 or Part 2 of a monthly report, but don’t have time to finish it, just click the Save and Exit to Report Start Page button at the bottom of the page. The information will be saved and you can continue it at any time from any computer when you log back in to KiwanisOne. Remember, once you have saved Part 1 or Part 2, the pencil icon changes to a check mark, but it can still be clicked for editing purposes.

• The club annual report will be compiled for you automatically at the end of the year if you’ve filed all of your monthly reports for the Kiwanis year using the online system. This is yet another huge time saver for Kiwanis club secretaries! You’ll have the chance to review and approve all of the information before officially submitting your annual club report in November.
• Part 1 of each monthly report has dedicated fields for entering information on up to three different service projects. If your club has more than three service projects that you’d like to report on for a single month, use the Service & Fundraising Tracking worksheet. This will help you track service projects and fundraising throughout the month that can then be imported into the service totals section of the monthly report with a single click. A blue link for the Service & Fundraising Tracking worksheet is found at the top of the Monthly Report launch page.

Click to see:
Monthly Report Overview


Open (unpaid) orders for your club are listed on the Finances page. These invoices include dues, new member fees, etc. Select one or more invoices using the checkboxes and you’ll see a Pay & Print option appear at the bottom of the page. You may also select the top checkbox to select all invoices, and then print and pay them all at one time.
The compiled invoices will show as itemized expenses on the printout. The printout will also include instructions on where to send payment(s).
Click to see:
Finances Overview

Other Valuable Resources

Be sure to visit  and begin by clicking on the "Lead" and "Resources" tabs for more valuable information you will want to know.

Click to see:
Secretary Monthly To-Do Check List


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