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Update Club Meeting Location and Time

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2014 12:22PM EDT

Display your club meeting time and location.

1. Log in and click on the “Secretary Dashboard” icon.


2. Locate the “Meeting Locations” area on the right side of the dashboard page, just under “Club Information.”


3. Click on the icon to the right of “Add location.”

4. On the “Add/Edit Meeting Location” page, complete the information for the First Meeting.

5. Click in the text box under “Day” and select the day of the week for the regular meeting.
You may choose the same day of every week of the month as a meeting date, or you may choose one day of the same week for each month of the year for a meeting date.

A. If this is a weekly meeting, check the box for “Every week on.”

In the example below, a meeting day is set as every Tuesday of the month.



B. To choose which week and day of the month the meeting will be held, check the gray box
next to the week the meeting will be held, t
hen click the text box just below the gray boxes, and select the day of the week for the meeting.

In the image below, the selection is for a meeting to be held on only the 2nd Wednesday of every month.



7. For the meeting time, click on the clock icon to the right of the text box and select the meeting time. Be sure to select the top numbers if the meeting begins before noon, or select from the bottom numbers if the meeting begins at noon or following.

Select the proper minutes reflecting the start time. For example, if the meeting begins at 12:30 p.m., select 12 from the bottom half of the “Hour” numbers, and 30 from the “Minute” numbers.



8. Enter the name of the location where the meeting will be held by clicking in the “Place” text box.

9. Enter the address of the meeting place.

10. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

The meeting location and time should now be displayed on the Secretary Dashboard under “Meeting Locations.”


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